5th Saturday Gaming

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What's going on February 29, 2020?

 What:  Game Day
 When:  5th Saturday of the month at 10am (2/29/20)
Where:  12828 Fantasia Dr., Herndon, VA  20170

Note the earlier start time of 10am!  This will be something of a special event to commemorate the first time in the history of 5th 
Saturday Gaming (dating back to 2004) that the event falls in the month of February (the next 5th Saturday in February will be in 2048).  
This will also be Rick's final time hosting/sponsoring the event, but Mike and Sallie plan to continue hosting in the future.

We're still working on plans but tentatively meat/cheese/veggie platter for lunch and something catered (possibly Mission BBQ) for dinner.

Our game collections

Note there will generally be two dogs in the house.  Sky will likely just hang out upstairs away from people.  Black Jack is more 
friendly and will be around but keep an eye on your food.