Summary of July 31, 2004 Game Day

In attendance: (9)
Rhonda Blake
Rick Bynaker
Alex Blake
Doug Hoylman
Anna Donnen
Nalini Vinod
Joe Donnen
John Kerr
Kevin Wood

I would call the event a success! Most everyone arrived simultaneously
around 1:30pm and the last guest left between 1:00 and 2:00am (I think).
We started with two 4-player games. Doug, Anna, Nalini, and Joe played
Phase 10 and probably something else but I was engrossed in my own game of
Silverton with Rhonda, John, and Kevin. Joe and Nalini left first leaving
Doug and Anna to play the Settlers Card Game. Conveniently Doug's victory
in that game and John's victory at Silverton happened around the same
time. By then Nalini was back and we played a 7-player Bohnanza in which I
pulled out a victory with 13 beans. Play then moved to Who's the Ass?
Turns out I was in both games, scoring the most points in each (points are
bad, m'kay.) I was too busy counting all the cards left in my hand to
remember who won but I think it was Doug first game and Kevin second game.
We took a dinner break at this point. After dinner we pulled out Lord of
the Rings with all the expansions. Anna played Sauron and overwhelmed us
in Isengard as the Black Rider reached step 15, ring in hand. As usual, we
forgot a couple rules, specifically the ones where Fatty and the
Ring-bearer draw two cards at the end of every board (which may or may not
have made a difference.) Finally we finished the night off with a 5-player
Princes of Florence game with John working 8 professions to take the lead.
Thanks to everyone for making the trek out. We had two people from
Maryland (Anna-Baltimore and Doug-Potomac), one Arlington, one Alexandria,
and two Centreville. The next 5th Saturday of the month is October 30th,
hope to see you then!



Thanks again for putting this on. For what it's worth, before Fluxx we
played Phase 10, which Nalani won; and I live in Chevy Chase. I don't
think I won Who's the Ass, but I might have.



thanks Doug, and I won Who's the Ass too! thanks to Rhonda and Rick for a
good time. I'm glad I finally made it to a Game Day! Joe had fun too even
though he ruined my victory at Phase 10 but we won't go there cuz I'm cool
now. Thanks guys, I had a good time and look forward to the next one! -


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