Summary of October 30, 2004 Game Day

In attendance: (14)
Rhonda Blake
Rick Bynaker
Alex Blake
Anna Donnen
Ben Butterfield
Malcolm Smith
Jeff Kahan
Michelle Zentis
Mike Gibbs
Sallie Gibbs
John Kerr
Kevin Wood
Nalini Vinod
Joe Donnen

We started at 1:00pm with TransAmerica in the dining room played by Ben,
Jeff, Rick, Michelle, Rhonda and Malcolm.  The game took a little over an
hour and Michelle won as Ben and Malcolm shot past the 0 mark.

Mike & Sallie showed up as well as John and Kevin so they started a game
of Attika in the living room at 1:45pm with John as the winner around

Around 2:45pm Ben and Jeff sat down to teach me Alhambra on a third table
we set up by the TV while Malcolm, Anna, Michelle, and Rhonda started a
game of Goa on the dining room table.  Our Alhambra game was a very close
one with only 6 points seperating the winner (Jeff @ 141) from the loser
(me) with Ben in the middle at 137.  Malcolm ran away with the Goa game
with 50 points to Anna's 2nd place score of 32.  Michelle and Rhonda were
close behind with 30 and 29 respectively.

We were still well out of sync with our game end times so by the time
Mike, Sallie, John and Kevin finished Attika there was no one else looking
for a game.  They played a quick game of Guillotine from 3:40pm until
4:10pm.  Kevin ended with a commanding lead of 22 points to Mike's 13,
John's 10, and Sallie's 9.

At around 4:45pm we combined the two living room tables for a 7-player
game of Bohnanza.  This was probably the closest game I've ever seen.  4
players ended with 10 points each, 2 players had 9 and I came in last with
only 7.  After breaking all the ties, final outcome (first to last) went
like this: Kevin, Mike, John, Ben, Sallie, Jeff, Rick.

Finally we were able to "reshuffle" all the players and start three new
games.  In the living room Mike, Ben and Malcolm played a modified version
of Princes of Florence.  Ben won, Malcolm came in second and Mike last.  
In the dining room Michelle, John, Kevin, Jeff, and I played our first
game of Wallenstein.  There was quite a bit of learning curve involved but
we picked up on it as time went on.  A very close ending which came down
to a 3-way tie breaker at the end.  I won with Michelle 2nd and John 3rd,
all with 46 points.  Jeff was a close 4th with 43 points and Kevin dead
last with only 26 points.  Nalini and Joe arrived and went with Sallie,
Rhonda, Alex and Anna upstairs to Alex's room to shout numbers at each
other in a game of Pit.  Standings at the end (first to last) were: Joe,
Alex, Nalini, Sallie, Anna, and Rhonda.

Ben, Malcolm, Mike & Sallie left at this point.  We were still playing
Wallenstein so Joe, Nalini, Rhonda, and Anna played a game of Phase 10.  
Joe came in first, followed by Rhonda, Nalini and Anna.

They were still playing at 9:30pm when the Wallenstein game ended so the
five of us played a quick game of Citadels.  The game was fairly close,
Jeff won with 29 points, I'm still not sure how I made it to second place
with 26 points since I'd never played before!  John and Kevin tied for
third with 25 points each and Michelle came in last at 21 points.

While waiting for us to finish Citadels, Joe, Nalini, Rhonda and Anna
played a quick game of 10 Days in Africa which Rhonda won.

Joe, Nalini and Michelle left shortly after 11:00pm.  We were down to 6
players so we decided to try Tongiaki.  It was a weird little island
hopping game in which Rhonda and I tied for the lead at 16 each, Jeff was
3rd with 13, Anna with 11, and finally Kevin and John tied for last with

Rhonda and Anna went off to play Uno with Alex while John, Jeff, Kevin and
I tried Meuterer.  I'd never heard of it before, it was a card-based
pirate game with kind of a weird mechanic to it.  I had trouble following
it, but that could have been because it was 1:00am by the time we started!  
John kicked all our butts with 34 points to my 29, Kevin's 23, and Jeff's

We called it quits around 2:15am.

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