Summary of January 31, 2005 Game Day

In attendance: (17)
Alex Blake
Rhonda Blake
Rick Bynaker
Anna Donnen
John Downing
Dave Fogel
Mike Gibbs
Sallie Gibbs
Jeff Kahan
Tim McGuire
Alex Patton
Robert Patton
Malcolm Smith
Patrick Wamsley
Brianna Waybright
Kevin Wood
Michelle Zentis

We started off kind of slow and then got cut short when most people
bailed because of the snow so the results aren't as impressive as
the last meet.  Games played included: Bootleggers, Planetary
Invastion, Uno, St. Petersburg, Fluxx, 7 Ages, and Betrayal at
House on the Hill.  Counting total Gamer-hours, 7 Ages was the
winner of the day.  We started one game in the afternoon that got
broken up because of the weather but then we came back to it later
that evening and 5 of us ended up playing until almost 4am (no, we
didn't actually finish the game, just agreed to stop!)

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