Summary of April 1, 2005 Emergency Game Session

In attendance: (6)
Rhonda Blake
Rick Bynaker
Sallie Gibbs
Mike Gibbs
Michelle Zentis
Patrick Wamsley

Everyone was running late due to horrendous traffic on Rt. 28.  We
played a short game of Chrononauts while waiting for everyone to
arrive.  There wasn't a lot of timeline twiddling and not a single
patch was played.  However, hands did get passed around the table
three times.  Michelle won by quickly picking up the three artifacts
needed to complete her mission.

Then we pulled out Atlantic Storm which Rhonda says I "always win".
I wasn't able to prove her wrong this time.

Michelle and Patrick left afterwards, around 9:45pm.  Mike and
Sallie taught us Runebound.  It had a Talisman feel to it but I
liked it better than Talisman.  Sallie demonstrated by example that
the key to winning seemed to be picking up good followers and items.
With 4 players there was some down time between turns, particularly
later in the game when combat rounds last longer (monsters have more
hit points, you have more followers who can attack, more items to
tap, etc.)  Overall Rhonda and I enjoyed the game though.  We ended
around 2am.

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