Summary of April 29, 2006 Game Day

In attendance: (9)
Mike Gibbs
Sallie Gibbs
Rick Bynaker
Adrienne Siskind
Doug Hoylman
Rhonda Blake
Anna Donnen
Jerry Hagen
Sara Hagen

We started off a little later than usual. As we were about to start a game 
one or two more people would show up so we had to keep regrouping. 

Overall there were 9 people in attendance and we played a total of 12 

The main table started off with a 5-player Shadows Over Camelot which 
seemed to finish quickly as a loss for the Knights of the Round Table. 
Jerry Hagen gets credit for a win as the traitor in his first time 
playing. Game ratings were 6 7 - 8 8. 

At table #2 I won a 4-player game of Alhambra. We played with the money 
exchange expansion and the diamond money (which have both been integrated 
into my regular game box at this point). Game ratings were 7.5 8 7.5 8.5. 

Both games finished around the same time so we were able to regroup. 

The main table set up a 6-player game of Betrayal at House on the Hill. 
Haunt #49 was played and the Investigators eeked out a win just before the 
traitor could accomplish her objective. Ratings 6 6 6 7 6 6. 

Table #2 had a 3-player Ticket to Ride - Europe game. Jerry managed to 
make a route with the long Russia to Scandinavia tunnel for the win. 
Ratings 7 7 6. 

We were able to mix things up again at this point. 

They brought Caylus to the main table with 5 players. Once again Jerry's 
name floated to the top of the standings with the win. Ratings were 6 9 9 
7.5 8. 

I won a quick 4-player game of 10 Days in Europe. Overall I don't like 
this one as much as Africa but I do think it's better than USA. I think 
the Atlantic Ocean in particular is a bit too powerful given the number of 
tiles it borders. Ratings were 3 6 5 6. 

Next at table #2, the 4 of us switched to 10 Days in Africa. Anna Donnen 
came away with the win. This game was not rated (oops!) But I'd personally 
give it a 7. It's a great little filler game. 

Since Caylus was still going strong on table #1, we pulled out Naval 
Battles for another light game. I managed to sink just enough points for 
the win but Mike Gibbs was only one point short in the final tally. 
Ratings were 7 8 7 8. 

After a short dinner break we played San Juan at table #2. Mike managed to 
get a Chapel out fairly early on and came away with the win. Ratings were 
8 7 8 8. 

With the Caylus game now complete we shuffled players again. 

At the main table we played a 6-player game of Lord of the Rings with the 
Friends & Foes and Sauron expansions. By luck of the draw I got to play 
Sauron. Frodo died off early followed by Fatty. The Fellowship made it to 
the beginning of Shelob's Lair before being overcome by power of the ring. 
I'll take credit for the win I suppose but really there were just a series 
of bad tile draws. Ratings were 7 7 7 7.5. 

Table #2 played a 3-player Cities & Knights of Catan game. Sallie Gibbs 
managed to consistently grab Defender of Catan and came away with a 
landslide victory. No ratings were submitted. 

Most people called it a night at this point which left us with 4 players. 
I pulled out Bohnanza along with the Bohnaparte expansion which no one had 
ever played before. I thought it was pretty interesting. Harvesting beans 
got you coins as in the regular game but the coins were used to finance 
your war efforts on a .map. made up of cards organized in a specific 
pattern based on the number of players. Each attack cost one coin and the 
winner was determined by playing a bean card either from your hand or luck 
of the draw off the top of the deck. Highest card frequency wins--which in 
our game was blue beans at 20 points (might be different with more/fewer 
players). Ties go to the defender. You could attack as many times as you 
had coins to spend or save your coins for a later round. Each card on the 
map was worth at least 1 victory point with cities being worth 3. The end 
game was a little disappointing but that could have been because it was 
3am.  Ended up with a quick grab for the most land on the last run thru 
the deck. Adrienne Siskind and Sallie Gibbs tied with a total of 9 points 
at the end. Absent any other instructions we used the regular game tie 
breaker which gave Sallie the win. Ratings 7 7 7 7.5. 

Thanks to everyone who attended. Our next session will be July 29th 
starting at 1pm. 


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