Summary of July 29, 2006 Game Day

In attendance: (17)
Mike Gibbs
Sallie Gibbs
Rick Bynaker
John Downing
Jeff Kahan
Michelle Zentis
John Brier
John Kerr
Jerry Hagen
Sara Hagen
Rick Glassco
Jon Riley
Kevin Wood
Kory Bockman
Zack Waltz
Rick Monson
Kim Adams

Overall there were 17 people in attendance and we played a total of 21 
games (18 titles with 3 games played twice).  I think the best way to make
sense of things is to track by table.  There were 4 tables used at various
times throughout the day.

Let's start off in the Living Room since that was the first room to see
gaming action for the day.

After some player shuffling as people arrived the first game ended up as a 
6-player game of Funny Friends.  John Downing was the first to achieve 5
goals and gets credit for the win.  Game ratings were 8 8 7 6 6 8.

Reef Encounter was next to hit this table.  John Brier squeaked ahead of
Jon Riley by 1 point for the win in this 4-player game.  No ratings were

This table definitely started to become a John magnet with 3 Johns and a
Jerry playing a game of Goa.  John Brier pulled well ahead of his opponents
with 51 points to the next closest John at 44 points.  Game ratings were
- - 9 -.

Following was a "John-off" with John Downing and John Brier each winning a
game of 10 Days in Africa.  Game ratings were 8.5 8 9 7.

This was immediately followed by a Johns-only game of Ticket to Ride Europe.
Official commentary was reported as "John was evil to Jon and managed to tie
with Jon for longest route, John and John were trailing behind with many
cars remaining."  Credit goes to John Brier for the win by 2 points.  Game
ratings were 8 8 7.5 7.638.

At this point, around midnight, about half the people left and Jeff and I
proceeded to play a series of 2-player games.  First off was Thurn and
Taxis.  It was my first game and I enjoyed it quite a bit (and not just
because I won).  Game ratings were 7 7.

We followed up with Oceania which Jeff had never played.  Turns out
beginner's luck won out again as he trounced me 8 to 1.  Game ratings were
6 6.

We played a quick game of Travel Blokus which ended in a tie with each of
us having 16 squares leftover.  Game ratings were 8 9.

Finally we finished off the night (morning?) with Dungeon Twister.  Jeff
slaughtered me with a 5 to 1 victory but neither of us were very happy about
it.  Game ratings were 2 2.

The next room to be used was the downstairs Study/Library/Computer Room.
It turned out to be the coolest game room in the house in more ways than one,
sporting Mike and Sallie's collection of swords, books and servers.  We
started with a 5-player game of Hacienda.  Jerry took the win by connecting
to most of the markets and having a decent chunk of land connected in the
center.  I enjoyed this quite a bit even though I came in last.  Game ratings
were 7 8 7.5 8 8.

Following was a game of Antike.  This was one of the games I requested and
was my second time playing.  It turned out to be a close game in the end
with Jeff grabbing the final victory point for the win over the other 3
players.  Game ratings were 8 8 8 8.

We broke for dinner and came back for a 6-player game of Alhambra.  Rick
Monson won in his first time playing with more than twice as many points
as I ended up with.  Game ratings were 8 7 8 7 6 7.

We closed out the room with another 5-player game of Hacienda.  I played the
market strategy and managed to connect to 9 out of 11 for the win.  Sallie
did quite well though with a huge chunk of land and only 2 markets
monopolizing an entire corner of the board.  This was the most fun I'd had
all day with an endless supply of animal puns.  Game ratings were 7.5 9 8 9 8.

In the main game room with a newly installed ceiling fan there was a 4-player
game of Poison.  Zack won taking only 17 points.  Game ratings were 10 8 7 7.

Most of the day this room was taken up by Descent.  Two games were played,
both with 4 good players versus 1 evil player.  Zack played evil the first
game and won but there were some rules misunderstandings.  Mike played evil
the second game but good triumphed this time with Kory, Kevin, Michelle and
Zack winning.  Game ratings for the first game were 7 5 7.5 8 8 and the
second game 8 8 7.5 8.5 8.

Finally the night closed out with a 5-player game of Arkham Horror with the
expansion cards.  The group came away with a victory for John Downing, Sallie,
Mike, Jerry, and Jon Riley.  Ratings were - 8 7 - -.

The Kitchen saw a little action during the day.  Thurn and Taxis was played
first with 3 players.  John Downing won by 3 points over his tied competitors.
Game ratings were 8 7 -.

Then there was a 3-player game of San Juan won by Sara.  No record sheet
was completed and no game ratings were submitted.

Finally, while the spaghetti was on we played a 5-player game of Winner's
Circle.  This is a remake of Royal Turf but I like what they've done with it.
The horse stats are no longer limited to the numbers 1 through 7 at the top.
I think it makes for a more interesting game.  We still played with the bluff
and hidden bets so it ended up with the best of both new and old.  Sallie
won with a commanding $2,500 in the end.  Game ratings were 10 5 7 7 9.

Thanks to everyone who attended.  Special thanks to Mike and Sallie for
hosting, Mike for cooking the spaghetti sauce, Sara for cooking the pasta,
and John Kerr and Michelle for bringing chairs.

Our next session will be September 30th starting at 1pm. 

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