Summary of September 30, 2006 Game Day

In attendance: (18)
Mike Gibbs
Sallie Gibbs
Rick Bynaker
Kim Adams
Jeff Kahan
Jon Riley
Adrienne Siskind
Bob Aarhus
Doug Hoylman
John Downing
Kevin Wood
Michelle Zentis
Jerry Hagen
Sara Hagen
Ellen Warren
Rodney Bacigalupo
Jasen Stengel
Becky Stengel

Overall there were 18 people in attendance and we played a total of 17 
games (14 titles with 3 games played twice).  There were 4 tables used at 
various times throughout the day.

To start with the easy one, a 7-player game of Advanced Civilization was 
played in the Game Room.  Cardboard started sliding around 2pm and didn't 
finish until 2:45am with Rick as the winner.  Game ratings were 10 8.5 - 
10 8 10 7.  That was the only game played in this room all day.

In the Living Room (sometimes referred to as the Lobby) several different 
games were played.  The first to hit the table was a 4-player game of 
Thurn and Taxis which was won by John Downing.  Game ratings were 8 8 8 8.

Next was Mission: Red Planet with 5 players.  Jason Stengel won with John 
only 2 points behind in second place.  Game ratings were 7 6 7 7 7.

There was a game of Guillotine played but it was not recorded.  Rumor has
it there were 6 people playing and Sara won.

Then there were two consecutive games of Puerto Rico.  Mike Gibbs won the 
first game over his 3 opponents.  Game ratings were 8 8 8 6.

The second PR game had 5 players (well, 6 really).  The team of Kim Adams and 
Sara Hagen beat the other 4 players.  No record sheet was completed.

A 3-player game of Carcassonne was next to hit the table.  John Downing 
won.  Game ratings were - 10 -.

Pirate's Cove followed with 4 players.  Adrienne Siskind won.  Game 
ratings were 7 7 7 7.

Finally, shortly after 3am the players remaining in the house sat down to 
play Smarty Party.  There were 7 of us with Mike Gibbs achieving victory 
in the end.  Game ratings were - 6 - - 5 5 -.

Downstairs was the Study/Library/Computer Room, also referred to as the 
Dungeon.  First to be played was Blue Moon City with 4 players.  Rodney 
Bacigalupo came away with the win.  Game ratings were 8 8.5 8 9.

Two back-to-back 5-player games of Ra were played next.  Rodney proved to 
be the master winning both games.  Ratings were 9 9 7 9 8.

Blue Moon City made a come back, again with 4 players.  John Downing won.  
Game ratings were - 7 8.5 9.

Next was a game of Mykerinos with 4 players.  Bob Aarhus eeked out a win 
by 1 point over Doug Hoylman.  Game ratings were 7 9 8.5 6.28.

The last game played in the dungeon was a 4-player game of Masons.  Bob 
won around midnight.  Game ratings were 7 7 7.5 8.

A couple games were played in the Kitchen.  Sara, Kim and Becky played 
Super Scrabble with Sara having a decisive victory.  All rated the game a 

Finally a card-based Scrabbly game called Palabra was played.  Sara won 
this one too.  Game ratings were 9 10 10.

Thanks to everyone who attended.  Special thanks to Mike and Sallie for 
hosting, Adrienne for bringing a crock pot full of chili, Kim for cooking 
the hot dogs and Michelle for bringing chairs and hi-liters.

Our next session will be December 30th starting at 1pm. 

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