Summary of June 30, 2007 Game Day

In attendance: (16)
Mike Gibbs
Sallie Gibbs
Rick Bynaker
Jeff Kahan
Michelle Zentis
Jon Riley
Mark Mitchell
Kevin Wood
Jesse Elliot
Scott Brattlie
Adrienne Siskind
Bob Aarhus
Doug Hoylman
Pat Onufrak
Jamie Hawkins
Tucker Taylor

Overall there were 16 people in attendance and we played a total of 19 
games (17 titles with 2 games played twice).  This broke the old record of 
18 games played set in October 2005.  There were 3 tables used at various 
times throughout the day.

I like to organize these by room so gaming started first in the Living 
Room with 5-player Buccaneer won by Sallie.  Game ratings were 7.5 7.7 7.6954 9 6.

Next played was a game of Pillars of the Earth.  This was an extremely 
close game with only 1 point separating first and last place with each 
coming down to tie breakers.  Mike squeaked by with the win.  Ratings were 
8 6 7 8.

Then we had a very quick game of Lord of the Rings with the new 
Battlefields expansion which ended in a slaughter on the first board, 
space 15. (Ugh!)  The game took more time to set up than to actually play!  We
were all too stunned to give any ratings.

Tempus hit the table next with 5-players.  I (Rick) won.  Ratings were 7 7 
7 7 7.

Next we played Carcassonne with The River, River II, Traders & Builders 
and Inns & Cathedrals expansions.  Mike beat me by two points (ah the 
20/20 hindsight was clear as a bell then!  If I'd only...).  Ratings were 
8 9.5 - 8.5.

The last game to hit the banquet table was 10 Days in Africa.  Mike won 
this one.  Ratings were - 8 - -.

Gaming started in the basement around 2pm with a 5-player Winds of 
Plunder.  Bob won this game.  Ratings were 8 9 7 7 8.

Next the 5-player group played Puerto Rico won by Doug.  Ratings were 8 8 
10 9 7.

They moved on to Ra which Bob won.  It was rated 9 7 9 8 8.

Then two games of 6 Nimmt were played, both won by Doug.  Ratings were not 

Finally the room ended with a 4-player game of Alhambra with 14 out of 16 
expansions.  Pat won this one.  The game was rated 7 8 7 9.

Jeff had scheduled a game of Talisman in the Game Room which lasted most 
of the day.  5 people played with Michelle willing.  Game ratings were 7 9 
7 6 10.

After that there was a 5-player Ticket to Ride game also won by Michelle.  
Ratings were 7 6 8.5 - 9.

Some folks called it a night at this point and Sallie and Mark played a 
2-player game of NHL Ice Breaker which Sallie won.  Ratings were 9 10.

At this point the Living Room cleared out and we gathered in the Game Room 
for a 5-player Atlantic Storm.  I (Rick) won.  Game ratings 10 10 8 7.5 7.

Then we were down to 4 players and pulled out Ubongo.  I scraped by with a 
win on the second tie breaker.  Ratings were 0 8 0 8.

Finally we played two back-to-back games of Diamant.  Always a good 3am 
game.  Games were won by Adrienne and Mike.  Ratings were 8 7 7 6.

Thanks to everyone who attended.  Special thanks to Mike and Sallie for 
hosting and Jeff for running the Talisman event.

Our next session will be September 29th starting at 1pm. 

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