Summary of December 29, 2007 Game Day

In attendance: (21)
Mike Gibbs
Sallie Gibbs
Rick Bynaker
Gretchen Verrey
Adrienne Siskind
Jeff Kahan
Jason Cheng
Doug Hoylman
Jon Riley
Kim Kosanke
John Kosanke
Bob Aarhus
Christin Kim
Michelle Zentis
Tucker Taylor
Emily Frawley
Kevin Wood
Mark Mitchell
John Kerr
Sheila Nelson
Ben Fellow

We set a new attendance record at 21 and a new games played record of 19 
titles with 23 plays.  There were 4 tables used at various times 
throughout the day.

Gaming started first in the Game Room with a 2-player game of San Juan won 
by Gretchen.  Game ratings were 7 7.

This was followed by a 5-player Ticket to Ride with the 1910 Expansion.  
I (Rick) won this one.  Ratings were 8 8 9 8 8.

Then a monster 6-player game of Starcraft ensued which was won by John 
Kosanke.  The only rating submitted was a 7.5.

Closing out the room for the night was a 5-player Arkham Horror with the 
evil being soundly defeated in the end.

Gaming in the Living Room began with Ubongo Xtreme.  4 people played with 
Adrienne coming away with the win.  Ratings were 7.5 7.5 8.5 and 7.

Next to hit this table was Atlantic Storm with 5 players.  Jason won this 
game.  Ratings were 8 10 7.5 8 8.

In the spirit of cooperation Shadows Over Camelot was played next with 5 
Knights and no Traitor.  The Knights were victorious.  Ratings were 7 6 8 
8 8.

There was no record sheet filled out but I know at some point a game of To 
Court the King was played at this table with 4 players.

The timeline got lost a little but I think next was a 5-player game of 
Winner's Circle which was won by Bob.  Ratings were 8 7 8 8 7.

Finally we closed out the evening with a 3-player game of Igel Argern won 
by Gretchen.  Ratings were 7 and 8.  Mike rated it a 7 but only because it 
was after 1am.  If played before 1am he would have rated it a 2.

A card table was set up in the hallway which hosted a lot of gaming 
throughout the day.  First played was Race for the Galaxy with 4 players.  
Sallie and Tucker tied for the win.  Ratings were 9 8 8.5 9.

Next played was a 4-player game of Relationship Tightrope.  Christin won 
with only 8 points (points are bad, m'kay.)  I rated it a 5, no other 
ratings were submitted.

Then we did a quick 4-player game of 10 Days in Asia won by Jason.  
Ratings were 7 7 7 7.

John and Sheila arrived and we crowded around the little table for a 
6-player game of Die Kutschfahrt zur Teufelsburg.  There was some 
rewinding at the end since someone made an invalid play and it wasn't 
caught for a couple turns so I'm not sure who won or who should have won 
or what would have happened in an alternate universe. :)  Ratings were 2 7 
5 - 6 7.

A 3-player Cartagena was next.  I (Rick) got all 6 pirates in the boat 
first.  Ratings were 7 7 6.5.

Jason and I played Ingenious - Travel Edition next.  It was a close game 
but I won by 1 point in the end.  Ratings were 7 and 7.

We have two games of To Court the King going on at the same time (that's 
how I figured out there was a record sheet missing at the other table!)  
Gretchen won this game.  No ratings were submitted.

The last game on the card table was a 3-player game of Ticket to Ride 
Switzerland.  I won.  Ratings were 7 8 8.

I didn't make it to the basement all day but there was activity down 
there.  It started with a 4-player game of Poison which Kevin won.  
Ratings were 8 8 8 10.

Then Ubongo Xtreme was played again which was won by Michelle.  Ratings
were 7 8 6 7.

The rest of the day saw this as the Agricola room.  3 games were played 
consecutively.  Winners were Ben, John Kerr and Ben again.  Ratings over 
the 2 4-player games and 1 5-player game were 8 7 9.5 9.5 9 9 and 10.

Thanks to everyone who attended.  Special thanks to Mike and Sallie for 

Our next session will be March 29th starting at 1pm. 

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