Summary of May 31, 2008 Game Day

In attendance: (12)
Bob Aarhus
Rick Bynaker
John Downing
Richard Glassco
Doug Hoylman
Christin Kim
Mark Mitchell
Eric Phillips
Jon Riley
Adrienne Siskind
Kevin Wood
Michelle Zentis

A fairly low turnout this quarter with our hosts Mike & Sallie out of town 
for a wedding.  We only used 2 tables.

For the most part a bunch of people arrived at the same time and gaming 
started around 1:30pm.

I spent my day in the living room (and at the grill!)  We started with a 
5-player game of Kingsburg.  While I enjoyed the concept, it just seems 
like it plays a little long for a dice game.  Kevin won.  Game ratings 
were 8 6.5 7 6 8.

Next we played Atlantic Storm with the same group of 5.  I managed to win 
this one.  Ratings were 7 7 7 10 5.

Players were mixed up a bit at this point with the other table and I took 
a break to grill some burgers and dogs.  A 4-player game of Techno Witches 
was played here next with Kevin pulling off the lead.  Game ratings were 5 
7.5 7 7.5.

After dinner we pulled out Ticket to Ride with the USA 1910 expansion 
(which in my mind is now just part of playing the original game, I can't 
imagine playing USA without it.)  I'd forgotten how brutal this can be 
with a full 5 players.  Kevin seemed to be on a roll today with yet 
another win.  Ratings were - 8.5 8 8 7.

We played a quick game of Cartagena next with 5 people.  John put us all 
to shame getting all 6 pirates to the boat while the rest of us 
collectively only managed to get 7 pirates (no more than 2 from any one 
player!)  Ratings were 7 5 6 4 4.

Next, after the "what game do we want to play next" game, we ended up with 
Puerto Rico on the table.  I'm just not a serious PR player but somehow I 
eeked out a win by tie-breaker over Bob.

We then played a couple quick 3-player games of 10 Days in Asia.  Bob and 
I each won 1 game.

I closed out the evening with a 3-player TransEuropa with the Vexation 
expansion.  With some lucky card draws I was able to come away with the 

The Game Room saw a Pandemic outbreak first with 4 players.  The CDC was 
victorious and cured all the diseases.  Game ratings were 8 8 8 8.

Next were back to back games of Race for the Galaxy.  Bob won the first 
game and Michelle won the second game.  Ratings were 9 9 9 10.

A series of Dominion games followed, 3 in total, all 4-player games but 
the players were mixed around some.  Michelle won the first two games and 
Eric won the third game.  Ratings were 8 9 8 9.5 8 8.5.

A 5-player Age of Empires III was played next.  Bob pulled off the win.  Ratings were 10 7 8 8 7.

Finally the day was closed out with a 5-player game of Arkham Horror.  
Things were going rather poorly late into the night so our heroes gave up 
and succumbed to the evil.  No ratings were submitted.

Thanks to everyone who attended.  Special thanks to Mike and Sallie for 
the use of their home even though they couldn't be there.

Our next session will be August 30th starting at 1pm. 

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