Summary of August 30, 2008 Game Day

In attendance: (19)
Bob Aarhus
Rodney Bacigalupo
Scott Brattlie
Rick Bynaker
John Downing
Emily Frawley
Mike Gibbs
Sallie Gibbs
Doug Hoylman
Jeff Kahan
John Kerr
Mark Mitchell
Sheila Nelson
Eric Phillips
Jon Riley
Tucker Taylor
Gretchen Verrey
Kevin Wood
Michelle Zentis

A pretty big turn out this time.  Not all of the Game Record sheets were 
complete so it's difficult with so many games to come up with an accurate 
time line.

Games played: (17 games, 20 plays)

Dinosaurs of the Lost World
El Grande
Glory to Rome
La Citta
Last Night on Earth
Lunar Rails
Race for the Galaxy (3 plays)
Space Beans
Tichu (2 plays)
To Court the King
Wits & Wagers

Our next session will be November 29th starting at 1pm. 

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