Summary of August 29, 2009 Game Day

In attendance: (19)
Rodney Bacigalupo
Scott Brattlie
Rick Bynaker
Jeremy Copaken
John Downing
Allen Farel
Wes Fleming
Emily Frawley
Mike Gibbs
Sallie Gibbs
Doug Hoylman
John Kerr
Jon Riley
Tim Scheck
Tucker Taylor
Gretchen Verrey
Rae Walters
Patrick Wamsley
Nate Welch

Games played: (15 games, 20 plays)

Chicago Express
Die Sieben Siegel (2 plays)
Galaxy Trucker
Middle Earth Quest (2 plays)
New World
Puerto Rico
Race for the Galaxy
Scepter of Zavendor
Snow Tails (2 plays)
Stone Age
Tichu (3 plays)
Ticket to Ride
Vegas Showdown

Thanks to everyone who attended.

Our next session will be October 31st starting at 1pm. 

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