Summary of October 31, 2009 Game Day

In attendance: (19)
Scott Brattlie
Rick Bynaker
John Downing
Allen Farel
Mike Gibbs
Sallie Gibbs
Aaron Haumptmann
Doug Hoylman
Jeff Kahan
Mark Love
Mark Mitchell
Dennis Rand
Jon Riley
Rob Smolka
Gretchen Verrey
Rae Walters
Patrick Wamsley
Kevin Wood
Michelle Zentis

Games played: (17 games, 24 plays)

10 Days in Africa
10 Days in Asia
Betrayal at House on the Hill
Die Sieben Siegel
For Sale (2 plays)
Galaxy Trucker
History of the World
Liar's Dice
Lord of the Rings
Modern Art
Race for the Galaxy (3 plays)
Take It Higher (3 plays)
Tichu (3 plays)
Ticket to Ride: The Card Game

Thanks to everyone who attended.

Our next session will be January 30th starting at 1pm. 

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