Summary of December 29, 2012 Game Day

In attendance: (16)
Scott Brattlie
Rick Bynaker
Mike Gibbs
Sallie Gibbs
Doug Hoylman
Jeff Kahan
John Kosanke
Kim Kosanke
Zoe Kosanke
Cheryl Laughlin
Mark Mitchell
Jon Riley
Sandy Scanlon
Matt Schmaltz
Gretchen Verrey
Patrick Wamsley

Games played: (10 games, 11 plays)

Blokus (2 plays)
Galaxy the Dark Ages
Martian Rails
Princes of Florence
Smash Up
Tales of the Arabian Nights
Ticket to Ride: Marklin
Title Chase: Basketball

Thanks to everyone who attended.

Our next session will be March 30th, 2013 starting at 1pm.

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